On Excitement

Take a moment and think back to time when you felt excited about something. Anything. What other emotions went along with this excitement? Did you outwardly express it? Or did you keep it to your self? What sparked this excitement?

Excitement can be sparked and expressed in many different ways and many different forms. Excitement for some people can be an outburst of emotion and action, while others it sparks them to learn more and do more. With all of these different perceptions of excitement how can we define excitement? How can we capture this excitement to encourage learning in the classroom?

Excitement is very important to the success of the student because when a student becomes excited about something, they take the initiative to learn more on their own and go beyond the classroom (hopefully). However when students are all so different in the things that make them excited, its hard to encourage them to all find that excitement. I talked to three of my friends at lunch today about what makes them excited or interested in something and they each had different answers, which just show how diverse and vast the definition of excitement is. So the question is how can we cater to all of these different kinds of excitement?

This has lead me to rethink my view of how to improve the way school runs. If the a small sample of students have different things and ways that make them excited, then maybe they have different things that make them loose interest too. For me I find excitement in new ideas and creating things,  but I loose interest when I loose confidence and get discouraged, but for my peers there could be a million more different things. While I do see a huge value in helping students find their strengths and encouraging them, without excitement these things no longer matter because they loose interest. The things that help and hinder one student are never the same for all students. Improving student interest is a complex puzzle in which students and teachers need to work together to piece together individually. While this would be difficult with large amounts of students, the effects would be innumerable. By making students education individualized, I believe that there will be an increase in student interest, and eventually a world of people with the drive and skills to make the world a better place.


2 thoughts on “On Excitement

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