What Is Your Tennis Ball?

There’s a song we sing at camp and it goes, “I don’t wanna ride on somebody else’s passion. I don’t wanna find that I’m just dry bones. I wanna burn with unquenchable fire, deep down inside, see it coming alive”. So when asked to write about “my tennis ball”, or what I’m chasing after and what I’m passionate about, this song came into mind and it really made me think. The song speaks of pursuing God with all your heart and finding your own flame, which is your own passion and desire. I love camp and I truly believe that it is the most amazing thing in the world. Camp has been the place where I’ve found comfort in who I am, met the most amazing people, and most importantly found God. It has been the foundation for my life since my very first year as a camper. I honestly don’t know where I would be with out it. I’ve spoken about the confidence I’ve gained so far this year through Innovation Diploma, but as I observe my life even further, without the confidence and passion I’ve gained from camp I wouldn’t even be doing it. Camp has shown me my strengths and my weakness, it’s showed me how to love, and its showed me the importance of community. All these drove me to apply for Innovation Diploma in the spring because I had a desire to make an impact on the world around me and innovation diploma gave me an environment in school in which I can do so.

Because of the impact camp has made on my life, I desire to share that experience with other people. It breaks my heart when I hear that someone can’t go to camp or they didn’t have a good time. Previously, I had wanted to share the literal form of camp, but I have come to realize that its not the actual experience of camp that I want to share so badly, its the things you learn while there that I want to share. I want everyone to be able to feel like they are part of a community, I want people to feel loved, and I want people to learn more about themselves as they learn about other subjects in school and live their daily lives.

I want personal learning and community to be encouraged in more than just camp, because it has the power to change the way a student thinks, feels, and acts.

How can we provide a community where students feel comfortable to chase their tennis ball, feel loved, and most importantly discover who they are? My tennis ball is to provide this for others, so that they might find theirs.


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