I’m Margaret White and I DO NOT Know Everything- and Thats Okay

In the last few weeks I’ve embarked on a journey so daunting, and so perilous, I’m amazed I’m still able to write. This journey is 16 years in the making, with many up, downs, sideways, verticals, horizontals, and any other form of direction that comes to one’s mind. This journey defies the laws of common nature and makes one question even the smallest of things. One might call this journey simply junior year of high school, but I’m not talking about that. I’m talking about the journey of asking questions and not being afraid of curiosity, and more importantly what comes along with questions and curiosity. I’m taking on a new mindset where I embrace my gaps in knowledge, and let new ideas grow from the cracks. My theory is that curiosity can only grow in theses gaps of knowledge, which are really just empty spaces crying out to spark discovery. It needs first a spot to plant itself, then grow and soon fill in that gap so that other gaps can be found. Without knowledge gaps, there is no room for curiosity to grow, and thus new ideas, emotions, and innovations cannot come to be. We can ignore these gaps all we want because they appear to be flaws, but the people who embrace these gaps in their knowledge and let their curiosity grow, are the ones who make an impact on the world. The world doesn’t need perfection, it needs people who are willing to admit they don’t know everything and press on to find more, and to row through their river of thoughts. 

This is the purpose of this blog- to explain that I don’t know it all and let my curiosity bloom. It’s for me to observe the world around me and share my questions and even the occasional opinion. This isn’t to show that I know the answer to everything, but its to help me be bold enough to admit that I most certainly don’t.

I am Margaret White and I do not know everything.


3 thoughts on “I’m Margaret White and I DO NOT Know Everything- and Thats Okay

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  2. Love this, Margaret! Reminds me of something a friend said to me about knowledge, once. That if you think about everything you know as a THING, getting bigger and bigger as you learn more, and about curiosity as the place where your knowledge ends and the stuff you don’t know begins, then the bigger your knowledge, the greater the edge of your curiosity. Right?


  3. Love this post! I feel that it really gives insight into your life and your emotions. I absolutely love how you tied this in with your learning and your curiosity about your learning! I would add a little more about the emotions that this curiosity sparks in you. How does that curiosity make you feel? Overall, I loved the post and it made me think!


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